The DocuCentre S2320 is a reliable printing and copying solution that can meet your business needs exceptionally well. With its advanced features and robust technical specifications, this device is the perfect choice for enhancing productivity in the workplace. In this article, we will delve into various key aspects of the DocuCentre S2320, including its memory capacity, resolution, printing speed, and more.

The DocuCentre S2320 comes equipped with a memory capacity of 512 MB, allowing you to efficiently store a multitude of documents and data. This feature is crucial for businesses with high printing and copying volumes. The maximum memory capacity achievable is 512 MB, ensuring that the device can smoothly handle heavy-duty tasks.


With a scanning and printing resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, the DocuCentre S2320 delivers sharp and clear print results. This is essential when you need to print documents or images that require high quality. The resolution is also ideal for scanning documents to ensure legibility. With the DocuCentre S2320, you can be confident that your documents will appear professional.

The DocuCentre S2320 is the twin brother of the DocuCentre S2520, but the S2520 is slightly faster. One of the key advantages of the DocuCentre S2320 is its printing speed. In continuous mode, this device can print up to 23 pages per minute for A4 LEF/B5 LEF sizes. Even in duplex mode, where documents are printed on both sides of the paper, the speed remains impressive, reaching 17 pages per minute. This makes the DocuCentre S2320 a suitable choice for businesses that require fast and efficient printing.

This device is also highly flexible in terms of paper capacity. With a standard paper tray capacity of 250 sheets and a bypass tray capacity of 100 sheets, you have ample space to accommodate various types of documents. If you need more capacity, you can opt for optional tray modules that can increase the capacity to a maximum of 1850 sheets. This allows you to manage printing tasks efficiently without worrying about running out of paper.

To enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace, the DocuCentre S2320 is an excellent choice. With its large memory capacity, high resolution, impressive printing speed, and flexible paper capacity, this device will assist you in completing printing and copying tasks with ease. With the DocuCentre S2320, you can focus on your business without the concerns of printing and copying issues.

DocuCentre S2320 Driver Supports for Os:

Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows Server

Xerox Driver Installation Step by Step:
  • Download driver for DocuCentre S2320 according to the Operating System on your PC or laptop at the link below.
  • Double click on the driver you have downloaded.
  • Click Install printer driver.
  • Follow the instructions that are displayed on your PC or laptop desktop, you will be asked to select several options to complete the installation process.
  • Check and selected items to continue the installation process.
  • Click Next to continue the installation process until complete.

DocuCentre S2320 Driver Download

Driver For Windows
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For Windows 11 X64
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For Windows 10 X64
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For windows 10 X32
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For windows 8.1 X64
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For windows 8.1 X32
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For windows Server 2022
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For windows Server 2019
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For windows Server 2016
DocuCentre S2320 Driver For windows Server 2012
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